Did It Suck Or Not?

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Heyyyyyyyyzzzzzz! 😄

It’s a beautiful Sunday, and I am really happy to be alive today. I think I woke up with this gleaming sense of gratitude. Amongst a plethora of things, I’m especially grateful to have been a part of the Forbes Pan African Public Speaking Visual Seminar which happened yesterday.

Just vibes. 😂

Let me spill a lil’ secret. 🙈

Y’all do not even know this but that was my first Zoom gig ever. Like before now, I always popped into Zoom meetings for lectures or webinars (but as an attendee). So it was a typical first-time experience for me. 🙂

For the longest, I never have ever liked using Zoom to host classes or anything. I dreaded it—not because it’s an obvious data-consuming app, but because I never really understood how to use it. The user interface has always been like Greek to me. 😂 In fact, when…

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