Hello guys! I’ve not been able to post daily as I have been unable to write any new poems(although the pain and sadness forced my hand to write my recent poem AGAINSG INJUSTICE)or dredge up old ones as I used to because I’ve been part of the #ENDSARS online campaign on twitter cheering up those on the streets protesting actively. I believe that’s what I’m invested in at the moment because the average Nigerian youth has lain slumbering while the country has gone to shit. Our leaders have embezzled funds, neglected the masses only remembering we exist during election cycles and the truth is that we are tired of this sort of bad governance. Hence the #ENDSARS movement which trended at no 1 worldwide is a clarion call geared towards ending the activities of a notorious police unit called the special armed robbery squad (SARS) which have exploited, victimized, killed and harassed young Nigerian youths for so long abandoning the purpose for which the unit was created which is to tackle the scourge of armed robbery in the country. Its so ironic that they have turned out to be the Armed robbers they were formed to catch and prosecute. This is a first step as a demand for good governance and accountability from public officials elected to rule us. The stories of those who have suffered at the hands of SARS can be found on twitter if you search the #EndSARS or on this website

I’ll soon be back fully writing new poems and posting daily as the government meets our demands although some have been met but we are yet to see changes even as protesters are still being teargased, dispersed with hot water cannons and some being killed by police men shooting live ammunition into crowds of protesters, imagine police brutality against those protesting against police brutality. Many celebrities both international and local have rallied to our call for solidarity and we couldn’t be gladder that the power of the people is on display like never before. Aluta continua Victoria ascerta. Donations to our struggle are welcome. Do well to contact me on if you’re interested in donating to the struggle. Donations of over 25 million naira not counting those in foreign currencies have poured in over the past days as food and drinks, gas masks and placards alongside printed placards stating our demands are shared to protesters. Will be back soon to share on the victories our struggle achieves. Much love. JesseAnz.



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