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The world of literature is a place
Where men write with the hope
Of immortality in the annals of history.

It’s a place where we wager that the pen
Is greater than the sword
For against all injustices and irregularities,

There are stories and satires told in society
And art created that taunts and protests
Until change is wrought.

The world of literature is vast
And there are many who inhabit it,
All who have a part to play.

We must thank most especially those
Who have created organisations and opportunities,
To enable the growth, development and aggrandizement of this our very special world of literature.


11 thoughts on “WORLD OF LITERATURE

  1. Beautiful poem that words are more powerful than weapons! I’m a big fan of words too and admire how words have the power to heal, change, and inspire when used well.
    Thank you for following my blog, and I’m following you back. I look forward to reading more of your poetry and writings.


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